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Attended and graduated school Bayerische Berufschule Ansbach.

Worked for an authorized VW and Porsche dealer and repair shop – Autohaus-Breitschwert in Anbach, Germany.

Started performing in car racing on Formula VW in Germany and learned engine tuning and car setup.

Opened my own car repair shop with service on street and racing cars named KSH in Ansbach, Germany.

Established a Harley-Davidson shop as an authorized dealer of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles- KSH Harley-Davidson and worked as the manager.

Moved to Taipei, Taiwan to open and manage a subsidiary branch of KSH. The business concept: A race shop that repaired European cars and manufactured aftermarket spare parts for European motorcycle market.

Moved back to Germany to manage KSH main shop. Also modified and built Harley-Davidson engines as well as built and serviced race car engines and gearboxes.

Became an authorized Renault dealer, named KSH Renault.

Took many technical classes for Renault: Engine Tuning, Engine Repair, Gearboxes, Electronic, Service Technician, Car Setup.

Started performing in Harley-Davidson drag racing and serviced motorcycles and engines.

Worked for Farnbacher Racing LLC in Ansbach, Germany servicing Porsche race cars, maintaining the cars in the shop and servicing on the European race tracks in Germany, Italy, France, and Belgium, England, Holland, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain, and Portugal.

Worked in private industrial machine manufacturing company called HST as Machine Design Engineer.

Attended the European Business Academy in Muenchen for building industrial machines.

Worked for Farnmacher Racing in Porsche Carrera Cup and Porsche Super Cup in Europe as Technical Engineering and Development of race cars and parts.

Obtained a diploma as: Konstrucktionstechniker – Design Engineer EBA

Self employed for Farnbacher Racing as a Crew Chief for the following drivers: Horst Farnbacher, Sascha Maassen, Marco Werner, Jorg Bergmeister, Phillip Peters, Frank Stippler, Pierre Kaffer, Wolf Henzler.

Crew Chief in ELMES Series in Europe on RSR for Pierre Ehret, L. Nielson, Dominik Farnbacher.

Crew Chief for Wolf Henzlers in the American IMSA Speed World Challenge.

Crew Chief at 24 H of Daytona 1st Place Drivers: Wolf Henzler, Dominik Farnbacher, Pierre Ehret, and Shawn Price.

Crew Chief at 24 H of Daytona 2nd Place Drivers: Dominik Farnbacher, Philip Peters, Dieter Quester.

Crew Chief at 24 H of Le Mans

Crew Chief in ELMES Series in Europe.

Participated in American IMSA Porsche GT 3 Cup for Farnbacher Racing Team.

Participated in full season of IMSA Porsche GT 3 Cup

Moved to USA and worked for Farnbacherloles as Senior Engineer.

Worked for Falken-Landmark Motorsport as Crew Chief.

Worked for Paul Miller Racing as Technical Director and Race Engineer.

Owner of Ultra Performance.

New technical design of hydraulic differential for race cars and street cars.

New technical design of hydraulic anti roll bar for race cars and street cars.

Writing a book about design, development, and set up for race car chassis/ suspension.

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