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Performance Upgrades

At Ultra Performance, we can transform your car into a high-performance vehicle that will give you a sensational driving experience. We use only quality parts to enhance your car. With a custom exhaust upgrade or custom tune, your vehicle will be thrilling to drive.

A variety of engine upgrades can increase horsepower and improve overall performance. Cars are designed with average in mind, but they can perform much better with more power, better driveability, and better sound. We can help you give your car more muscle.


Whether it’s better handling, improved efficiency, a smoother ride, or the need for speed, our performance upgrades ensure you get the maximum out of your car.

  • Brake kit upgrades
  • Engine rebuilds & tuning
  • Suspension lowering & tuning
  • Clutch upgrades
  • Torque converter upgrades
  • Custom tuning ECU upgrades
  • Custom exhaust system upgrades
  • …and much more!


  • Do you offer options for higher performance?

    We have a variety of options for a better performance, more horsepower, and speed. We would be happy to help you go over any options.

  • What would you recommend for beginning performance modifications?

    There are many options for beginners: custom tuning, custom exhaust, suspension adjustment, brake upgrades, and more.

  • What manufacturers do you work with?

    We work with many different manufacturers for different purposes. We use M & M Exhaust, H & R, BBS, and Pagid.

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